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Cancellation of the Swindon Mela 2015

The Swindon Mela Project Team held its monthly review meeting on Thursday, 11th June, 2015 to assess the progress with planning and arrangements for the Mela 2015 event scheduled for Saturday, 25th July, 2015 in the Town Gardens, Old Town, Swindon. During the meeting, it was very evident that the uptake by specialist and South Asian Stallholders appeared to be very short in numbers compared to the uptake in the last 13 Swindon Mela's.  It appeared that there were over 30% fewer uptakes for the 2015 Mela and among these were the very much larger and important cafe and restaurant pitches. A survey of the situation indicated that nearly all of the regular stallholders had opted to take up pitches at the two other Mela's which this year were also scheduled for the same day as the Swindon Mela.  These two Mela's in the Midlands and North attract significantly many more visitors and are two day events and these facts are the cause of the reduction in uptake by Stallholders in the Swindon Mela. The Project Team felt that with the significantly reduced number of stalls and catering pitches, our visitors would not be provided with a high standard Mela that they have come to expect during the past 13 Mela's.  In addition, it was highly probable that the higher number of patrons queuing at the remaining food stalls may well lead to very high levels of crowding thus presenting a danger to the public and also causing much anger at the delays while waiting to be served. Having considered the facts in thorough detail, it was agreed, very reluctantly, by the Project Team that the 2015 Mela should cancelled and the 2016 Mela scheduled such that it would not coincide with the dates of the larger and longer Mela's in the Midlands and the North. The Project Team regret very much to have taken the decision to cancel the 2015 Mela and sincerely apologise to the Stallholders and sponsors who did make a commitment in the past few weeks to support the 2015 Mela and to all of the visitors so many of whom have been looking forward to attending the 2015 Mela. The Team sincerely hope that all concerned will understand the need to have taken this decision. It is the intention of the Project Team to keep on working hard to find other ways of continuing the Mela through smaller events over the coming months so that the theme and spirit of the Swindon Mela continues.  The Project Team also welcomes offers of support and donations to ensure that the Mela continues to provide the people of Swindon a thoroughly enjoyable event in the future months.